Vibrational frequencies –
What they are & how to raise them.



“As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.” -Abraham Hicks


Up until the last couple of years, if you had said anything to me about vibrational frequencies, I would have looked at you like you had 5 heads. But, truth be told, it’s life-changing. Learning about it, putting it into practice, the benefits, all of it. I took it lightly when I first started because I was still unsure, it was so new to me. But once I started, that’s all she wrote. Sure, I still slip, stop practicing, slide back down. But I always get up & bounce back. Once you start, you’ll do the same.

Vibrational frequencies are an overall state of being.


Everything is made up of energy. Literally everything.

Yes boo, even you.

Everyone & everything vibrates at different frequencies. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual energy levels make up your whole vibrational being. Therefore, each matters just as much as the next.

Learn, grow, find what works for you.


Raising Your Vibrational Frequencies
All Of the juiciness.


Raising those vibes up high can be so beneficial to you & your life in countless ways. The amazing thing is, you can do it all yourself. If you dedicate your time & focus to raising your vibrational frequencies, you’ll grow & learn so many beautiful things. I learned about myself, about others, about life, about experiences, about situations, etc. when I started doing work on raising my vibrational frequencies. I honestly have been waiting for the right time to share it all with you.

Here we go…

Become more conscious of your own thoughts, what you say, & how you feel.


You get to decide which thoughts, words, & feelings you allow having an impact on your life. That’s right, that’s what I said. Those negative brain-eaters don’t stand a chance when you become more conscious of what you allow to stick around & what you say peace out to. Reframe your thoughts, feelings, & words if they do NOT have a positive impact & if they DON’T feel good to you. Once you find your “groove” & figure out what works the best for you, it’s going to make a world of difference.


We all have negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, words, etc. They are a part of life & I would never suggest just ignoring them or pretending they aren’t there. In my own experience, they always resurface.
The important thing for all of us to remember is that we ALWAYS have a choice, & we don’t have to stay stuck in those feelings, thoughts, or words forever. We can let them go at any time. Letting those negative things linger, will only cause you more pain in the long run – or it did for me.

Find something beautiful & learn how to fully appreciate it.


Stop rushing the moment. Embrace the stillness. Enjoy the feeling.
The world around you is such a beautiful, wonderful, breathtaking place…
If you only slow down for a moment to truly enjoy it, embrace it, & take it all in.


Eat higher vibrational foods.


Ohhhh yeah, that’s a thing.

Certain foods vibrate higher than others.

I’m not telling you to go on a diet (I surely didn’t, haha) All I’m saying is, thing about incorporating some more high vibe foods into your every day diet & see what happens.


Drink plenty of water!


I think at this point of our lives, we all know just how important water intake is for our bodies & overall health. Right? But, did you know that drinking plenty of water can also help you to raise your vibrational frequencies? If you didn’t, it’s totally cool, because neither did I.




This one is probably my personal favorites.

You can meditate anywhere, any time.

But listen up – there are some serious misconceptions around meditating that I’ve learned along my own journey & felt like others out there needed to hear the same thing…

People give up on meditation easily & for me, one of the main reasons I did was because all I heard were all of those people saying “quiet your mind”, “silence your mind”, etc. And let’s just face it, I’m an empath & overthinker, it was nearly impossible for me to get my mind to shut up long enough to meditate.

But, I’m here to tell you, it’s bullshit. Pardon my french but it is!

You should TRY to quiet your mind, but if you can’t, just do it. Trust me. Doing it every single day makes it so much easier to quiet that mindless chatter. My mind still wanders when I meditate. The beauty is, I can just keep right on going. Don’t worry, I’m here to help & support you. Mini meditations for beginners will soon be going on in the community & I absolutely cannot wait for y’all to do it with me.

All I want you to do now right now is to start thinking of a place where you can meditate daily.


Practice being grateful


There are many different ways that you can practice this.
I personally started with a gratitude journal/list.

Sometimes we forget to stop & really embrace how grateful we are. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on being grateful when you feel like there’s so much lack around you.

The amazing thing is, being grateful can cause you to focus more on what you do have than what you don’t in your current life.

Trust me, you have so much to be grateful for. You just have to see it, acknowledge it, recognize it. And when you do, embrace the shit out of it.


Practice kindness in your daily life


Your mind slowly begins shifting from “I don’t have enough” to “I have more than enough to give to others”

Abundance = High vibe
Being kind = High vibe
Gossip = Low vibe
Treating others poorly = Low vibe
Being angry = Low vibe


You get the picture.


Living a low vibe life, you will suffer.


Move it!


Get that blood pumpin’

Movement = vibration.

The more you move, the better your vibes move.


Don’t worry, be happy 🙂


The happier you feel, the more happy experiences, things, people, etc. you’ll draw into your life. Find things that make you happy, people that make you happy, places that make you happy, live your happy life girl. And don’t let a single soul think you need to feel guilty about that. I’m giving you permission right now.


In order to live in peace, flow, & love, you need to raise your vibes to match those things.


Be conscious of your environment


Who you’re spending time with, where you’re spending time, etc.

Be more aware of your surroundings & of other people’s energies.

It’s EXTREMELY easy to pick up & even take on other people’s energies so please just be aware of that.



Change your reality, change your life.


Spend time in nature & with animals.

Keep your body moving.


Pay attention to your own language


How you talk to/about yourself, how you talk to/about others – this can make such a big difference in your life. Sometimes, you may not always be fully aware of the impact these things can have on you or your life. I know I didn’t.

I was a total negative Nancy as a teenager.
Back then, you would have never gotten that sentence out of my mouth.
I would say things like “drama follows me everywhere” wrongggg.
Drama didn’t follow me, I attracted it.

Your thoughts, words, actions become your reality.






By far one of the most powerful ways to raise your vibrational frequencies to a higher level.
It allows you to release negative frequencies that you’ve been holding onto.
I used to hear “forgive others for yourself, not for them.” but I never believed it.
I was a HUGE grudge holder & I never knew how to forgive or how good it could feel.
Forgiveness means there’s nothing to hold you down any longer.
It means that you can be free, you can release that heaviness on your shoulders now.


Girl, go have some fun


Do something that brings out your inner child.
Do something that is fun to YOU.
Do something you love.
Do something that lights your soul on fire.
Just go do it!


Complain less, appreciate more


Show appreciation any time that you can.
Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you do.
Instead of focusing on what someone else has, focus on yourself.
Start telling yourself that you ARE good enough!
Shift that mind girl!





It’s okay to feel down. It’s okay to feel sad. It’s okay to feel angry. It’s okay to be hurt.

What’s not okay is putting all of your energy into those feelings & emotions.

Your language says it all.
How you speak to yourself.
How to talk to others.
What you say out loud in general.

I’m warning you right now to be very conscious & aware of these things.
Letting the negative take over can lead you down a very dark path of self-destruction.

Be gentle with yourself, always.

Something that took me the longest to really embrace is using negative stories to become a better person.

Sounded completely insane to me at first.

How could something negative that happened to me help me to be a better person?

The negative stories can actually help you to awaken & grow into an even better person than you were yesterday.




Everything happens for a reason!

When I was in the 9th grade, I lost a friend in a car accident.
I had lost people before but this one just had a really hard impact on me.

One day, once things finally started to get back a little bit more normal, I was sitting at my computer & I’ll never forget it. I told a friend of mine who was struggling, “Everything happens for a reason” & from that day forward, it stuck. I said it all of the time, yet I think there was a piece of me who still didn’t really believe it.

But it felt good. Every time I said it, I got this feeling of peace, even if only for a moment.
Every single thing is either a blessing or a lesson. Some take you longer to see or realize. But they all are for some kind of reason.

It will all help you grow. Even when it doesn’t seem that way.


Love yourself!


After being bullied, put down, made to feel like less than, for years, it was extremely difficult for me to even think about loving myself. I loved absolutely nothing about me for so long. Now, that really makes my heart hurt to think about. I allowed others views of me, influence how I felt about myself, how I saw myself in the mirror, how I talked about myself.

Accept even the “worst” parts of yourself.


The 1 thing we truly have control over…



Loving yourself allows you to let go of those negative emotions easier & become your best self. Even those things you think are your “worst” make you who you are, embrace them, baby!



“When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm.”



Observe your thoughts. Stop attaching emotions to them.
Let them come &  then release them.

There are soooo many benefits to raising your vibes.

(Don’t worry, we’ll cover that soon also, so stay tuned)

 Aside from the feeling you gain, one of my favorite things about raising my vibes…
You can do it all on your own. Anywhere. At any time.



For further support, feel free to join us in the private women’s community, WSA – Overcome & Grow Together!



I’ll be dedicating an entire blog focused on how you can raise them totally on your own.
Along with examples & support.



I can’t wait to link arms with each & every one of you beautiful souls!




Stay strong, there is always light at the end.


“Overcome the weather, stand strong together.”