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This is where all of the fun happens. Find women who will help to support, uplift, & celebrate you rather than drag you down. Anyone is welcome but the vibes are to remain positive or removal may occur.

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Legal Bundle

Privacy Policy, Terms And Conditions, Disclaimer bundle. This is where I purchased mine & I highly recommend it. Amira, her blogs, & her templates have been EXTREMELY helpful as I’ve started my blogging journey. We all need to be protected from lawsuits & such. This is where I started.

The Mystical Moon Store

Crystals, incense, sage, tarot decks, etc.


This is the hosting company that I’ve been with since I began blogging. I’ve never had any issues with them, every customer support person I’ve ever spoken with has been kind & helpful. And their services are affordable. Their website is easy to navigate & helpful.

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