The Weathered Sunflower


I am super passionate about empowering, uplifting, & supporting women. I help them to break through the dark soil of their pasts, overcome the weather life throws at them, then grow & bloom into the beautifully weathered sunflowers that they were always meant to be.


I’m going to help you & support you throughout your journey just as I did on my own.


My goal is to get you there much faster & less painful than my journey was.



Weathered Sunflowers


Different shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds, lives, pasts.


We’ve all gone through the storms, withstood the weather, & we are all standing tall despite the obstacles.


We are dedicated or strive to be dedicated to living a better, more fulfilling, happy, beautiful, fun, peaceful life.



Weathered Sunflower Army


Everyone’s journey begins in the same place…


Within themselves.


The only thing that’s stopping you from getting there is because you haven’t said yes yet. You haven’t dedicated time to your growth & your future.


The WSA have gone through the storms, overcome the weather, but still decided to stand tall & stay strong even through the darkest of days. They choose to fight every day to find even the slightest crack of sunlight.


We don’t give up on ourselves & we don’t give up on each other.



The Private Women’s Community


If this is who you are or who you’re striving to become, in your own unique way, of course, this community is for you.


Private, judgement free, positive, uplifting, empowering, open, transparent.


We are here to support one another, encourage other women, & celebrate even the smallest of wins.


We are all in this together.


Let’s link arms whenever you’re ready.




It’s okay to look for the light after living in darkness, regardless of how long you’ve been there. You are beautiful, loved, & so f*cking important! You are not your past, you are not your mistakes, you are not what has happened to you. You don’t have to live there anymore. You can create a better future & I’m right here to support you along the way. I’ll be waiting to link arms with you soon. And, as always, stay beautifully weathered you badass sunflower!